Red-crested cardinals (Paroaria coronata) - Photo: Ignacio A. Chantada

Welcome to my blog, BIRDING BUENOS AIRES, which is meant to give you some interesting tips about birdwatching and nature highlights of this amazing city! You will also find information about the birding tours that I offer as a birdwatching tour guide with expertise in the area.

If you are visiting Buenos Aires and want to experience the unexpected nature spots in store for you, this is your chance to discover a face of it that most tourists (and even locals) don’t usually notice.

Being among the largest cities in the world, it’s not surprising that Buenos Aires’ native ecosystems have been strongly modified. But despite this there are many interesting animal and plant species that can be seen if you are aware and keep your eyes open. This nature is more likely to be seen in the many parks and nature reserves of the city, but also on the street’s trees and even buildings.

Watching birds in Ribera Norte (San Isidro) - Photo: Marcelo Gavensky

You’ll not find pictures of most of the species that I mention in this blog (sorry for this by the way) but my recommendation is to use the browser of a friend website http://www.ecoregistros.com.ar/ writing the English common names or the Latin names (that I include for each species) so you can take a good look at all of them.

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I hope this information can be useful for you to plan your next trip to Buenos Aires and I look forward to join you as your birding tour guide while you are here!

Thank you and enjoy!

Marcelo Gavensky